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711 Thornberry Dr, Harleysville, PA 19438, United States

Nancy Tasker

Bee Information
Bees for sale?
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If "Other" please explain
Local over-wintered packages. Comes w/ Colony Q and 5-6 frames of shook bees. You bring your own woodenware. Apiary pick up only
What characteristics do you use to select your breeding stock?
Overwintered stock, spring build-up, low mites
Where is the source of your bees and what strain(s) are they?
All local open-air breed Q's. Some started from Montco Co. stock
Where do the bees overwinter?
Harleysville, Pa.
Do the bees spend the whole season in your home location? If not, where do they go and when, and for how long?
They are at one location all year
Do you monitor for varroa mites? How and how often?
Yes, Spring, Fall, Fall, Fall, and Fall
Have your hives been inspected by an inspector?
Yes, and licensed to sell Nucs and Queens. Apiary is inspected twice per season. These may also be inspected before the sale if the inspector (Jeff Eckle) calendar allows.
Anything else?
No brood or frames sold. The local Package concept reduces the spread of diseases and allows a faster build-up of colonies.


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Phone: (717) 615-8683