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Sideoats Farm & Native Nursery

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Pinckney, MI

Welcome to Sideoats Farm. We’re a first-generation, diversified market garden and budding native plant nursery located in Pinckney, Michigan (~15 miles north of Ann Arbor). Our production area occupies roughly ½ acre, surrounded by 4 acres of deciduous forest in a quiet neighborhood on the Pinckney chain of lakes. Using intensive, ecological methods, we are able to grow a wide variety of common and not so common crops.

We prioritize soil health and quality habitat, and for that reason, do not use synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides/herbicides of any kind (even those approved for certified organic systems). This translates to strategic companion planting, hand-picking insect pests, and labor-intensive cultivation. We contribute to our soil organic matter through the addition of compost, cover crops, mulches, and other natural amendments - and love learning the science behind how these compounds aid in fertility! To further safeguard the biology and structure of our soil, we utilize no-till principles, opting for tarps, sheet-mulching, or our resident pigs and chickens to prepare the ground in lieu of mechanized soil disturbance.

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Phone: (206) 276-8364