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St Paul, Minnesota, USA

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Bees for sale?: Queens, Nucs
If "OTHER" please explain:
What characteristics do you use to select your breeding stock?: Bolton Bees offers two types of nucleus colonies. Each is bred for selected traits: high honey yield, low mite load, favorable temperament and hygienic characteristics. These colonies are already established-- meaning that we did not combine a Queen with brood from other colonies. Each Queen has laid the brood that you are purchasing, and all the worker bees and drones are her offspring. All hives undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure the best quality Queens. We are non-migratory; our hives have genetics to withstand the long Minnesota winters.
Where is the source of your bees and what strain(s) are they?: Originally they were Italian, however we do not bred for strains-- but for favorable characteristics
Where do the bees overwinter?: We have a Northern Line and a Metro Line. The Northern Line over-winters in Northern Mn throughout Hubbard and Wadena counties. The Metro Line over-winters around the Twin Cities Metro area.

In Minnesota, winter typically begins in November and lasts until early April. Our winters are characterized by cold (below freezing) temperatures, commonly dipping down to -40 °F for extended periods of time. Snow is the main form of winter precipitation, with an average total snowfall of 45 inches. The MN Northern Line withstands a winter that is on average 10 degrees colder and lasts considerably longer than winter in the Metro Area.

Do the bees spend the whole season in your home location? If not, where do they go and when, and for how long?: Yes, Our bees are MN bees. We do not do pollination and we do not migrate.
Contact Information
Phone: 651-728-1530