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20960 M-60, Mendon, Michigan 49072, United States

Beeline Apiaries and Woodenware, LLC

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3 lb. Package Bees
What characteristics do you use to select your breeding stock?
All of our bees are the Italian breed. Our queens are bred with northern genetics.
Where is the source of your bees and what strain(s) are they?
NUCS and QUEENS: A local commercial beekeeper in St. Joseph County, Michigan, near Beeline's facility, moves his bees to Florida every winter. There, he makes splits in early spring which becomes the strong, healthy nucleus colonies we sell. He feeds them, treats for mites, watches closely for any other harm, and by mid April, is starting to move them north again.

Once the nucs are moved back to their northern home, Beeline goes through each nuc themselves, looking for a healthy queen and fresh, healthy brood. We make sure each nuc consists of at least 3 frames of good brood, and sometimes 4 and will make sure they have enough feed. We transfer the nuc into a transportable plastic Jester EZ nuc box before selling.

PACKAGES: All the 3 lb. Italian packages we sell come from Wilbanks Apiaries in Claxton, GA, through Heritage Honeybee. See more details here: https://heritagehoneybee.com/pages/bees

Where do the bees overwinter?
Our nucs are split from hives overwintered in Florida. Our packages come from Claxton, Georgia.
Do the bees spend the whole season in your home location? If not, where do they go and when, and for how long?
From the time our bees arrive in the north in mid April, they are on our farm until they sell by late April or early May. Queens can be pulled all summer long.
Do you monitor for varroa mites? How and how often?
Yes, we and our quality bee suppliers monitor and treat for varroa mites several times throughout the season, usually with treatments such as formic acid strips, oxalic acid, etc.
Have your hives been inspected by an inspector?
Yes, our suppliers take care of all state required inspections before we receive them.
Anything else? (e.g. describe your operation)
Beeline is a full-scale manufacturer of quality beekeeping woodenware, and retailer for a full line of quality beekeeping supplies. Our products are shipped directly to all sizes of beekeepers across the US, as well as through 40 + dealerships. We are a family-run business near Mendon, Michigan. As beekeepers ourselves, we understand the need for quality equipment, integrity in service, and timely delivery, and we strive to fill that need, to help our fellow beekeepers succeed in whatever size of operation they have!
Contact Information
Phone: 269-496-7001