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Dexter, MI 48130

Becky's Birds and Bees

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What characteristics do you use to select your breeding stock?
I look for bees with gentle behavior, overwinter survivors, honey production, but I raise bees by splits, and don't have a breeding stock per say.
Where is the source of your bees and what strain(s) are they?
I order a handful of VSH queens each spring. All the rest of my bees are locally raised by spring and summer splits, i.e., they are Michigan mutts.
Where do the bees overwinter?
Dexter, Michigan
Do the bees spend the whole season in your home location? If not, where do they go and when, and for how long?
They do not move.
Do you monitor for varroa mites? How and how often?
I generally try to monitor every 4 weeks by sugar roll or wiper fluid wash, but last week the bees kept me too busy just keeping up with splits to do as much monitoring as I would like to do.
Have your hives been inspected by an inspector?
Anything else? (e.g. describe your operation)
I am a small scale beekeeper, who does "queen rearing by doing splits". I am selling a few late summer over winter queen nucs. I also have some nucs queens raised earlier last year that desperately want to be hived, and I am open to negotiating price for those. Although I try to use IPM and would someday like to be treatment free or minimal treatment, after a couple of very large overwinter losses, for the past two seasons I have treated all my bees with Apiguard right after the honey supers come off and have had very good over winter survival the past two winters.
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Phone: (734) 078-0710