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Burnsville, Minnesota, USA 55306

Boreal Apiaries LLC

Bee Information

Bees for sale?: Queens, Other
If "OTHER" please explain: Queen Cells for local pickup. These are ready to place in a split or queen-less colony and the virgins will mate with drones in your area.
What characteristics do you use to select your breeding stock?: Boreal Apiaries selects breeder queens from colonies that have overwintered successfully in Minnesota. In addition to overwintering success we put an emphasis on varroa mite tolerance which we test for by observing mite population growth through a minimum of two tests per season. Ideally breeder queens have taken their colony through two winters with a minimum of mite treatments and supplemental feeding.

Additional traits we select for are high honey production, hygienic behavior, and gentleness.

Where is the source of your bees and what strain(s) are they?: Our stock is a mix of MN Hygienic, Carniolan and Webster.

We do not seek to maintain lines of bees but rather select for desirable traits.

Where do the bees overwinter?: We are a non migratory operation. The bees winter in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.
Do the bees spend the whole season in your home location? If not, where do they go and when, and for how long?: Yes, our bees spend the entire year in the North.
Have your hives been inspected by an inspector?: No. Minnesota does not have an apiary inspector.
Anything else?: We take an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to varroa control. In addition to treating with organic acids when necessary, we utilize splitting and requeening with queen cells to create brood breaks.

We strongly believe that locally adapted honeybees that are selected from stock that is allowed to be challenged by the environment (climate and pests) are one of the keys to successful beekeeping whether your goal is to make a lot of honey or keep a colony for personal enjoyment and some pollination. Thank you for your interest.

Contact Information
Phone: 9524356082