The Northern Bee Network is an organization designed to support beekeepers in the Northern States by promoting collaboration between beekeepers and by providing resources for more sustainable beekeeping.



Our Objectives

  • Improve our stock of locally adapted northern bees
  • Provide an interface to connect Northern beekeepers
  • Provide resources for sustainable apiary expansion
  • Increase access to local bees
 Photo by David Brenner

What we do

Provide tools for finding local bees and beekeepers in your area

Increase the availability of local bees

    • Educate beekeepers with survivor bees to make nucs for local sale
    • Provide free postings and websites for beekeepers selling local bees

Improve the genetic diversity and the strength of our stock

    • Facilitate a queen/drone exchange to promote genetic diversity
    • Facilitate bulk purchases of queens to strengthen desired traits

Increase overwintering success through education

Support for local clubs